SCIB was the starting point of this group:
SCIB started as a project to "Study Construction and Industrial Buildings" and that is how the name SCIB came into being in 1981. Partnered by the Moussa family, Dr. Khalil Hafez and Eng. Badr Sednaoui, SCIB set its vision on various businesses linked to coatings and chemicals for the construction industry.

SCIB grew and became a joint stock company in 1990. The brand SCIB was a name to reckon within Egypt's growing paint industry. Come 1996 and the economic reforms ushered in a new momentum in SCIB. The founders of SCIB partnered with Orascom Construction Industries (OCI) and formed a holding company named United Paints and Chemicals (UPC) and SCIB became a UPC Company.

After investing in lot of construction fields and partnering with big foreign names in this industry, the idea of establishing a new holding company to gather all these investments appears as a result.

United Holding Company (UHC) S.A.E. was established at 23/11/2004 and activated in 2007, and registered at the Commercial Registry on 7/12/2004.

It participates in establishing companies that issue securities and increasing capitals under Capital Market Law No. 95/1992.

The first company joined UHC is Egyptian Gypsum Company (EGC) at 2007. At 2008, three companies joined the new holding company which are A-BUILD, Mesa, and UPC Leasing.

BASF Egypt joined the company at 2009. The newest member of the group is United Paints & Chemicals – DryMix which will join UHC very soon.

SCIB Paints is a sister company now to UHC with 40% owned by the group

UHC’s Capital is 103,906,275 L.E.

A Word from the President of UHC

Our Group has been running its businesses for 30 years and has established itself as one of the largest and most diversified group of companies in the building materials industry, outstanding for its excellence in corporate governance, safety in the workplace, commitment to good sustainability practices and appreciation of its human resources.

UHC is a traditional company, but at the same time innovative, which invests in expanding its businesses in the firm belief that Egypt will continue to grow. Since the start of our operations, we have participated actively at significant moments in the history of the building materials industry in Egypt.

We are focusing our investments in the search for new businesses that are sustainable and which introduce creative solutions to the company's portfolio. In addition to quality products, the market also demands rapid, efficient and clean solutions that are not damaging to the environment.

After the turbulence which has affected the global economy, we can say that Egypt is one of the few countries that is showing consistent signs of recovery. Especially in the construction sector, in which we operate, the outlook is encouraging. The level of demand for building materials has been increasing, which in turn is generating a need for investment by companies that operate in the sector.

This scenario has led the UHC Group to speed up its investment in expanding production capacity, the launching of new products and the acquisition of new businesses, thus seeking to consolidate its plans for expansion and diversification, while creating value for shareholders.

We take the market as the guide, take the sincere service for society and offer society as our objective. Respect for wisdom, fostering talent, placing emphasis on research, innovation, to become the first-class enterprise, moving toward the world and serving the whole world. Through many years’ development and frustration, we have gotten more confidence and courage and we will create a legend of our own business.

Eng. Ali M. Moussa
President & C.E.O. of United Holding Company

UHC is 100% owned by Orascom Construction Industries (OCI) and Moussa’s Family.